An Electronic Family Engagement Library from The Parent Institute will help you engage and empower families with relevant, evidence-based solutions on a wide variety of topics. Available in Elementary and Secondary versions, in both English and Spanish. Click on the thumbnails below to view a sample of each title.

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Family Engagement Library – Elementary

Off to a Good Start! Ways Parents Can Help Children Get Ready to Begin School
25 Ways Parents Can Read with Children 25 Ways Parents Can Build Responsibility in Children 25 Ways Parents Can Motivate Children 25 Ways Parents Can Help Children Learn
What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With Reading
What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With Math
What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With Science
What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With Writing
What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With Vocabulary
Questions & Answers About Standardized Testing
Building Homework Skills
Listening Well & Following Directions
Critical Thinking
Teaching Children Responsibility for Their Learning & Behavior
Helping Children Learn To Resolve Conflicts
Helping Children Learn Self-Discipline
Building Respect for Rules, Authority and Other People
Questions Parents Ask About Attendance
Questions Parents Ask About Bullies
Questions Parents Ask About Working With Your School
Reading for Meaning
Studying for & Taking Tests
Getting Organized for Schoolwork and Homework
Top Five Study Skills Every Student Needs
Get Ready for Parent-Teacher Conference
It's Never Too Late to Get Involved!
Ways Busy Parents Can Help Children Succeed in School
How to Work With Your Child's Teacher
Parents Are Teachers, Too!
Teach Your Child How to Set Goals, And Reach Them!
Help Your Child Develop an 'I Can Do It' Attitude
Help Your Child Learn From Mistakes
Homework Time Made Easier...And More Effective
Secrets for Making Children Want To Read
Learning is Your Child's Responsibility
Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students
Help Your Child Take Responsibility for Belongings And Schoolwork
Help Your Child Make Responsible Decisions
Ways Parents Can Manage Kids' Technology Use
Help Your Child Do Better on Tests
Ten Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure
Facts Parents Should Know About Children and Depression
Is Your Child Under Too Much Pressure?
Help Your Child Balance School & Extracurricular Activities
Help Your Child Develop Self‐Awareness
Help Your Child Learn Self‐Management
Help Your Child Practice Responsible Decision‐Making
Help Your Child Strengthen Relationship Skills
Help Your Child Build Social Awareness
Communicating Expectations
The School-Parent Team
Setting Goals
Getting Along With Others
Good Study Habits